Problem Solvers…ish #7 — Santa Claus and other Slippery Deities

NSFW: Your kids have a lot to gain by working the Santa Claus angle—and the tooth fairy, and the Easter Bunny, and…FLOZZ? Today’s caller presents Seth and Lex with a real doozie of a problem—a crisis of faith, you might say. Can a family be atheist and still incorporate a little childhood mythology into the mix?

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Problem Solvers…ish #4 — Don’t put up with poop from your neighbors!

Neighbor Relations: A messy minefield after a scooper war…   Your neighbors’ dog is a poop factory. Your neighbors don’t care. How do ask your neighbors to clean up after their dog without stepping in it? We mean an inter-apartment landmine of hostility, of course. The issue seems pretty cut and dried to you (or maybe not so dried…yeesh!)—not your […]

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Problem Solvers…ish #2 — Dearly Invited…Wedding RSVPuhleeze.

The Dreaded Wedding Invitation     Nothing like a June Wedding! Unless you had other plans for those 30 days… Okay, so of course we know that there are some Blessed Events you really DO want to go to. But you and the nuptiates knew you’d be there long before the gilt-scripted envelope showed up. We’re talking about those invites […]

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