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The Greylock Glass


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What is the Greylock Glass

The Greylock Glass is the online equivalent of a radio station. This “web station” is the first of its kind in the Berkshires, and perhaps anywhere in Western Massachusetts.
We present only stories that are so insightful and unique, audiences are surprised to find their appreciation of our region’s treasures grow even more.
The Greylock Glass keeps a fiercely local focus in its programming. Our coverage of area news, issues, and events is currently through our five shows (podcasts):

The Top Left Corner

Our general news show is concerned with Massachusetts’ northwestern-most corner, with occasional forays into southern Vermont and New York’s Hudson Valley.

The Berkshire Business Outlook

The BBO is a check-in on the local economy through business profiles and interviews with professionals who understand issues relating to local commerce.

Will Call

This weekly exploration into the Berkshires arts world offers behind-the-scenes insights with news, exclusive interviews, and analysis of the ever-fluid state of our cultural organizations.

INDIEcent Exposure

This is the show with raw, youthful energy that celebrates the unfiltered creativity found in the area’s wealth of Indie music, theatre, film, and other arts. Sometimes rated PG-13.


On our weekly “agriculinary” show, we explore everything related to our daily repast, from the exploding farm-to-table scene, to getting the most out of our own kitchen efforts. Because our diet is global, our scope may be as narrow as your own kitchen garden or as broad as climate change.

Listeners can access shows directly from the website, subscribe via iTunes, or download using a mobile or desktop podcast player app.


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It’s Not “Old-Fashioned” If It’s Still the Best Solution.
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Be in Their Space, Not in Their Face.

Our audience has confidence that we choose our sponsors carefully, looking for a good match with that particular show and our overall identity.

On-Air: When you sponsor a program on the Greylock Glass, we tell our listeners what we like about your business or organization. No hype. No special effects. Just an authentic discussion that highlights why people should consider supporting those companies who support us.

On our website: Through in-text visuals in each program’s show notes, listeners have the opportunity to click through to your company’s website or sales portal. This important destination is where listeners go to find out more about the information heard in the podcasts, to follow links mentioned in the show, and to interact with other listeners through the comments.

In our newsletter: Your visuals will have an exclusive place in the body of our weekly newsletter, Prism. This content channel delivers some of the most concentrated audience affinity, and, as such, is reserved for those among our sponsors whose values are most closely aligned with our own.

On social media: We don’t keep our appreciation a secret, either. Every episode of every program is promoted through social media, and our thanks for your support of that show will be at the top of the post or tweet. As people share and like the post, our gratitude is amplified, and opportunities for engagement with your brand increase.


The Charter Sponsorship


The Greylock Glass invites your business or organization to become a Charter Sponsor. For a short time, a limited number of these sponsorships will allow businesses to take advantage of our station’s early stages of rapidly accelerating growth.
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• We announce the sponsorship at the beginning and ending of each episode, and we deliver your message and promote your products or services for 30 to 60 seconds during the show.

• We place your graphic, up to 800 × 400 pixels, directly within the body of the episode’s associated show notes, linking to your business’ website or purchase point.

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• Your sponsorship is also announced, with our genuine appreciation, through Social Media when the episode is initially promoted (and boosted, at no cost to you), and then twice more that week.

Side Bar Advertising

Display advertising is an affordable method of reaching potential customers, members, and supporters.
250 × 250 pixels: $5000 / week    •    250 × 500 pixels: $7500 / week

Side bar advertisements are available both online and in the newsletter.

Our Reach

Our audience is growing fast. Since March of 2015, the Greylock Glass has attracted 100 social media followers per month. In September, our podcasts were downloaded over 2,500 times. In the first week of October, Facebook posts achieved an organic reach of 1,388. With your support of this new endeavor, our audience will undoubtedly expand greatly in both number and geographic coverage in the coming months. Of course, with all the optics on hand, you might guess that we’ve seen this coming.