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Robin Catalano

Robin Catalano believes in the power of storytelling to connect communities and cultures. She’s applied her creative approach to writing for magazines, books, blogs, websites, and a wide variety of marketing projects, and has published more than 75 articles and 1,000+ blog posts. As an editor, she has worked on more than 350 books for publishers including Penguin Random House, Workman, and Simon & Schuster. She has also served as a book coach for independent authors, helping them take their ideas from concept to print. An avid traveler and travel writer, Robin lives, reads, and writes voraciously in upstate NY.

Review: Simply Organic Umami Blends Spice


My name is Robin, and I am a spice addict. The evidence: these two full drawers of my kitchen that are dedicated entirely to spices. I have been known to stock up on enormous-size containers of my favorites, like cumin and Mexican oregano, pick up half a suitcase full of new blends while traveling, or


Review: Cabeau Tape Mask Securing Strips

None of us counted on having to wear masks for this long, and we’re all wishing we didn’t have to. Folks with respiratory conditions have it the worst; it can interfere with breathing, which is uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. And then there are people like me, who wear glasses. Having to wipe

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