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Photo of Deer Island Prison, Massachusetts.
Deer Island Prison, Massachusetts.

The Top Left Corner — 2021/06/17

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Above: Nurses with Berkshire Health Systems on strike in September, 2017; submitted photo.

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Hey, Greylock Nation —

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Top Left Corner!

If you’re here for the first time, the Top Left Corner is a locally focused weekly live internet radio show and podcast based in Williamstown, Mass.

We do our best to wade through the spin and biases and cowardice and bring back the important stuff that most of us really care about. Every week, we’re going to tell you what we think about local current events and the national stories that directly affect the people of Williamston and Berkshire County. We also interview amazing guests.

You can listen live–and participate live–at the link below. You’ll find a chat box you can use to comment live. We do our best to read everyone’s comments on the air:

–Jay and Steve

The Issues We’re Talking About This Week:

Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington has come under fire in recent weeks due to allegations of improper communications and an effort to haveJudge Jennifer Tyne removed from the bench. We speak with Peggy Kern and Mohammed Memfis about the slow pace of real progress on criminal justice reform and the shift from the crisis of the cash bail systems for poor communities and communities of color to Section58A Dangerousness Hearings.


Peggy Kern
Writer, Community Organizer

Peggy Kern; submitted photo.
Peggy Kern; submitted photo.

Peggy Kern is an award-winning young adult fiction author and activist. Her Bluford High Series books have sold over 250,000 copies nationwide. For her most recent novel, “Little Peach,” Peg spent a year imbedded with the NYPD and built personal relationships with sex workers and trafficking survivors in order to tell their stories. Peg is cofounder of the Berkshire County Court Watch program in addition to many other community-based projects devoted to accountability within American policing and prison systems

Mohammed Memfis
Racial Justice Organizer
Community Organizer

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