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The Top Left Corner — 2021/02/03

Rainbow handcuffed by capitalism; collage of photos by Tima Miroshnichenko and Sharon McCutcheon, from Pexels.
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Welcome to this week’s show!

We had a deep freeze here in Williamstown last week–that stretch of days every winter where the temp gets so low it’ll freeze the pipes in your house and the hair on your head if you take a shower and go outside without a proper toweling-off.

In the spirit of staying warm–at least figuratively–we’re going to start posting listeners’ pet pics each week. During the show, we’ll name-check your dog, cat, bird, fish, snake, llama, etc. If you send us a caption along with your pic, we’ll also read it live on the air.

Since this is the first week we’re doing this, we’re going to kick things off with some pet pics of our own at the end of the show notes.

–Jay and Steve

P.S. We want to hear from you! Listeners can participate live during the show using the chat box on our show page atRadio Free Berkshiresor message us on Twitter @RadioFreeBerks.



  • Using documents obtained via FOIA requests, WAMC’s Josh Landes last month revealed that the city of Pittsfield was working ona plan to kick unhoused people out of a public parkwhere they’d taken refuge from the city’s unsafe shelters.
  • WAMC’s Landes also reports thattwo Williamstown employees resignedin the wake of a racist incident at Mt. Greylock regional high school earlier in January. In this same piece, Landes provides an update on the reckoning that’s underway within the scandal-plagued Williamstown Police Department.



  • Kamala Harris has West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin over the stalled COVID stimulus checks that won the Senate for the Democrats. Harris gave anexclusive interview to West Virginia TV station WSAZon January 28. Joe Manchin seemed to be genuinely pissed off that Harris had dared to give an interview in what he apparently views as his own personal fiefdom. But get this: Harris didn’t mention Manchin by name at any point during her interview.


Yasmin Nair; via
  • Our guest this week is Yasmin Nair, a writer, activist, academic, and commentator who has recently made a large archive of her journalism and commentary available Her work has appeared in publications like theBaffler,In These Times,Vox, andElectronic Intifada, as well as in several anthologies includingCaptive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex;False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton; andQueer and Trans Migrations: Dynamics of Detention, Deportation, and Illegalization.A Manifesto, a good representation of Nair’s work, has been published by the Evergreen Review and is available for free right now at


  • Executive editor of the Black Agenda Report, Glen Ford, has penneda must-read essayexplaining how the latest call from corporatist Democrats for the censorship and deplatforming of their opponents represents a fundamental threat to freedom of speech in the US.

“We can have democracy, or we can have a surveillance society, but we cannot have both.”

Tab Hunter relishing the pork dumplings he ate off the counter last night when I was asleep.

TLC Episode 99

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