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photo of Dolphin underwater altered to appear to be wearing a rainbow wig and hippie sunglasses. A woman in snorkel gear swims underwater in the foreground.

The Top Left Corner — 2021/01/20

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Welcome to this week’s show!

Stuff we talked about.

The date of this week’s show is a palindrome, i.e., a number or series of characters that is the same forwards and backwards. Could it be auspicious? We’ll see…


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  • Scientists have discovered thatbirds have a “quantum sense”that enables them to sense the Earth’s magnetic field, among other things. We’ll do our best to wrap our heads around the science (neither one of us was a Physics major) and talk about some of the implications.
  • Why would anyone doubt that ET does some weird shit to us once he gets us up in that flying saucer? “Lucy in the Sky with Dolphins”, to show this was a real thing: then read this: Octopuses Rolling on MDMA Reveal Unexpected Link to Humans


  • One of thecooler obits we’ve ever read. Frederick Wyatt “Fritz” Lord, a graduate of Dartmouth and the Harvard Business School and whose vocations over the years here in the Berkshires included attorney, massage therapist, and semi-professional singer, died earlier this month at the age of 91. Give it a read:
  • <The Last Hurrah. These last years (since 2012) living on Vinalhaven – shared with my beloved wife Penelope and our much loved dog Abigail – have provided the most fulfilling contentment in my whole life. But now it is time to move on. I have begun my journey of transition from incarnate life to the welcoming embrace of DivineMystery: unknown, but anticipated with joy. Here on Vinalhaven, I have been able to concentrate more on “Being” rather than on “Doing”. My education began in my small town’s public schools followed by a BA from Dartmouth, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a JD at age 47 from Boston College Law School.

My vocational Doing life – mostly in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts – has included attorney, ballet company general manager, encounter group facilitator, Ensign, USNR (Korean War), insurance and real estate broker, massage therapist, mediator/counselor, middle school teacher, non-profit financial administrator, and semiprofessional singer. Indeed, singing has been a prime non-vocational pleasure for me from age 8 in the boys’ choir onward through church choirs, choruses of both large and small, and community lyric theater productions. In the great outdoors, I have greatly enjoyed skiing, hiking, swimming, boating and bicycling, along with reading, language, cooking, wining and dining with friends and dancing. I am the founder and Abbot of “The Free Lance Disciples of DivineMystery”. My love of laughter connects me to the universal Cosmic Joke, of which I have been an avid adherent. Dear sisters & brothers, if we – and all the other animals – will survive our ruthless and violent destruction of Gaia and ourselves, we shall have to move from being the planet of materialistic knowledge and “tribal” delusions to being the planet of all encompassing love. For many years now, I have been working with this quotation from William Blake: ” We are placed on this earth for a little space of time to learn to bear The Beams of Love.” I have treated this as a Tendai Buddhist koan. So presently, it shall become clear. Hurray! I leave my beloved family: Penelope, my wife of over 31 years, my son David and his partner MoonSong, my daughter Rebecca and her wife Janita, my daughter Julia and her husband Lee, along with their twin sons: my grandsons Gabriel and Samuel; my sister Melissa; my nephew Erick; my niece Sarah; my two step-sons, Geoffrey and Alexis; my former wife Eleanor – the mother of our children; and William Delmolino, my best of all time friend. I consider my sexuality as a special gift. Most would call it “bi”. I prefer to call it osmotic. This quality has been of prime importance in forging my connections interacting with incarnate life from a loving intent. Love is the eternal essence, which I am now going to rejoin wholly within DivineMystery. LOVE ONE ANOTHER AMATE>

  • The Berkshire Eagle is reporting that BHS, the parent company of our monopoly health care provider here in Berkshire County, hasbooked a loss of $35 millionfor fiscal year 2020. The COVID pandemic has revealed foundational flaws in the way we obtain health care in the US. When an American woman working in Iceland found a lump in her breast, she discovered that there are other,way betterways of running a health care system.


  • After seeing her mother, uncle, and aunt on video assaulting a black woman aduring the riots at the Capitol, a Massachusetts teenturned them in to the FBI. It makes us wonder what Vito Corleone, a/k/a the Godfather,would have to sayabout this.
  • The more contagious variant of the coronavirus discovered in the UK hasarrived in Massachusetts. The CDC has said that this variant could become the dominant source of new infections as early as March. Meanwhile, Charlie Baker and his administration have totallyscrewed up the vaccine rollout, even though Moderna, which developed one of the vaccines, is a Massachusetts company.


  • Brazilian journalist (and frequent RT commentator) Pepe Escobar has writtena chilling analysis of 1/6. Is civil war really in the cards here in the US? Escobar fears the worst.



Have you ever stopped to think about how creepy the phrase “human resources” is? Canadian political economist Blair Fixbreaks down the conceptand reveals its links to discredited theories like eugenics and Nietschze’s ubermensch.

TLC Episode 97

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