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Castle Hill, Ipswich, Mass.

Robin doesn’t stop moving for long. She’s in Europe at the moment, and we can’t wait for her to share some of the stories and images she’s picking up in her travels. Just before she went abroad, though, she toured one of America’s “castles” in Ipswich, Mass.

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Her quick pics of Castle Hill on the Crane Estate are drool worthy. Now stewarded by the Trustees of Reservation, this opulent spread was built by Richard T. Crane — not our Berkshires-based Crane family of paper and currency fame, but the plumbing and fixtures guy. I guess toilets were a lucrative business in the gilded age.

And to prove how handy these photo spreads can be, despite their brevity, Robin tells you how to save yourself about the cost of lunch at the Clam Box not far away if you choose to visit.

Robin Catalano

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