Top Left Corner #36: A Conversation with Mass. State Senate Candidate Christine M. Canning

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Christine Canning is running, unchallenged, on the Republican ticket, and will not, therefore, be on the September 08 Democratic primary ballot (campain photo).

Christine M. Canning is running, unchallenged, on the Republican ticket (campaign photo).

About Christine Canning

(excerpted from submitted materials)

Christine Canning was born and raised in Berkshire County. Her mother, Kathy, was a Latin teacher for over 30 years at Saint Joseph’s. Her father, John “JAY”, was the award winning principal of Monument Mountain in Great Barrington. Currently, Chris resides in Lanesborough, MA with her children Katherine and Alex. Her husband, Doug, died of Leukemia thirteen years ago.

Get in touch with Christine M. Canning

Christine Canning is President of the Boston Manhattan Group.  This SDO licensed corporation has earned contracts with the Department of State, Georgetown University, the American Embassy in South Korea, The American Embassy in Nicosia (Greek/ Turkish Controlled), and The American Embassy in Paraguay.  The Boston Manhattan Group, Inc.  develops specialized publications and offers in-depth tailored trainings.   Also, Canning is the CEO of New England Global Network LLC.   This SDO licensed company contracts for special services with school districts, Ministries of Education worldwide, McGraw Hill, the Department of State, Georgetown University and international Narcotics and Law Enforcement.   Chris Canning has provided trainings for Militaries, the former KGB, MVD, DCA agents, amongst other groups worldwide.





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