Top Left Corner #33: A Conversation with Mass. State Senate Candidate Andrea Harrington

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Andrea Harrington will be on the Democratic primary ballot on September 8 (campaign photo).

Andrea Harrington will be on the Democratic primary ballot on September 8 (campaign photo).

About Andrea Harrington

(excerpted from submitted materials)

For Andrea Harrington, this district is home. She grew up here, she attended Taconic High School in Pittsfield, and now with her husband Tim, she’s raising two young sons as a mom herself. Having spent the past decade of her life in the district, she knows on a personal level that it is defined not by its geography, but by its people.

Get in touch with Andrea Harrington

Andrea is a practicing attorney and started her law practice 13 years ago. While working to defend those who had trouble affording representation and fighting to overturn wrongful convictions, she saw first-hand the problems that plague our criminal justice system. Andrea also gained a deep understanding of the importance of listening to people and earning their trust.

As a small business owner, an attorney, a parent, and a true local, Andrea Harrington has the unique experience and perspective to represent this district Her experiences have reaffirmed the importance of hard work and being responsible; the very values that her parents and teachers instilled in her from a young age. She’s proven herself a competent businesswoman and attorney, a doer who can seize the initiative and who knows what it takes to succeed.

And LEST we forget…Andrea Harrington was the only candidate to correctly identify the Western Mass (Un)Official Salutation…


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