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July 06, 2016

Problem Solvers…ish #10 — Come Out and Be Your Gay Self! After College, Maybe…

THAT’S RIGHT, mumsy and dadsy! I’ve waited too long to come out. This is ME! The REAL ME! And if you’ve got a problem with that, well you can just cram your homophobia where the sun don’t shine! So THERE! Oh…and can I borrow the car tonight? And maybe twenty bucks? Please?


NSFW: Seth & Lex ponder the possible comeuppance triggered by come-outance…

Hoo-boy! Just a few words, right? How hard can it be? But your hands are clammy and your breath is shallow and you feel this fucked up out-of-body sensation that would be cool at any other time. And you’re sitting across from your folks and now is the PERFECT time to drop the G-bomb: “Mom? Dad? I’m gay.” Keep Reading

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