Will Call #9 — Deirdre Flynn Sullivan: Hard-wiring the arts into life; Celebrate Ulysses, June 16

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We are introduced to Deirdre, and, less than an hour later, we have a new old friend.

Deirdre Flynn Sullivan; photo courtesy the artist, via Deirdre of the Arts, Facebook

Deirdre Flynn Sullivan; photo courtesy the artist, via Deirdre of the Arts, Facebook

There really was no pressing reason to request an interview with Deirdre Flynn Sullivan, except that we haven’t spoken yet, which was reason enough. Turns out that our instincts were right on target. We spoke for about an hour and could have spoken for another hour, so why not pour yourself a cup of coffee and join us for a ranging, arts talk!

There is no point in summarizing what we talked about, since we talked about pretty much everything. BUT, there was a raft of links mentioned, and the partial list looks like this:

Deirdre of the Arts

ARTSPEAK: Artists Networking in the Berkshires and Beyond


Define Your Terms: Americana Music From Roots to Punk

The Scene: From the Renaissance to Hollywood

Thomas Corrigan

Moonshine Holler

Duncan Earl Walters Band

Town Players of Pittsfield

Mill City Productions

Jacob’s Pillow

Shakespeare and Company


“Bloomsday” Celebration May Be International, but Williamstown Brings Ulysses Home

Bloomsday in Williamston 2015 Poster

Bloomsday in Williamston 2015 Poster

You many not have time to finish James Joyce’s masterpiece by Monday if you haven’t read it yet, but that is absolutely no reason to skip Bloomsday in Williamstown.

Joyce’s groundbreaking novel, set on one day, June 16, in the life of main character Leopold Bloom is celebrated globally with Bloomsday events including readings, enactments, and parties. Here in Williamstown, Karl Mullen helps direct festivities that begin at 8 a.m. Mullen discusses our local commemoration, now in its fifth year, and urges people even to take part in the fun if they can only spare an hour. Be sure to check out some of these great links to Bloomsday information to help you get in the spirit



Bloomsday in Williamstown

Full Text of Ulysses at Project Gutenberg

A Concise Plot Summary of Ulysses

The James Joyce Centre

Genetic Joyce Studies: Electronic Journal for the Study of James Joyce’s Works in Progress

2014 Bloomsday in Williamstown; photo courtesy Karl Mullen

2014 Bloomsday in Williamstown; photo courtesy Karl Mullen




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