Will Call #8 — Eric Rudd: Intersection of Art and Public Life

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Eric Rudd; photo courtesy iBerkshires.com

Eric Rudd; photo courtesy iBerkshires.com

A conversation with Eric Rudd about art, development, and the future of North Adams

Tela Zasloff, editor of the Greylock Independent, joins me to discuss a wide range of issues with Eric Rudd—artist, developer, optimist. Although the talk winds its way out in a number of seemingly disparate directions, every thread is tied at its start to the question of how the public experience of art is shaped by its environment, and how public life is molded by the vitality of art.

We hope to have Mayor Richard Alcombright on the show in the next couple of weeks to consider these very same topics with us. So much of the future of the City hinges on the character of downtown, we will be revisiting this issue with guests of diverse backgrounds continuously. Your thoughts are highly sought after—leave a comment below, send us an e-mail, or post a message on our Facebook page.

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  • Wonderful interview with Eric Rudd, who has a passion for art and community that is inspiring. I especially appreciated his views on making art accessible to everyone.

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