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Fresh Fest 2015 — Film Series at Images Cinema Is All About the Food

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. — Images Cinema, in cooperation with the Williams College Office of Sustainable Food and Agriculture, the Center for Environmental Studies, Storey Publishing, and Wild Oats Market will be hosting Fresh Fest 2015, its the fourth annual food-film festival. Beginning Friday, four films, shown free to the public, will enlighten and entertain as they delve deeply into some of the (often invisible) issues of the human diet.

Admission is free. Donations to benefit Images Cinema will be accepted.

Images Cinema, the only year-round, nonprofit, independent film house in the Berkshires,  is located at 50 Spring Street, Williamstown, MA 01267.

Mussels in Love

Fri, 2/27 — 5 pm

2678The Belgians and French look forward to it with bated breath: the start of the mussel season in the Dutch province of Zeeland, like many other aficionados? But how does this shellfish end up on our plates? And why do we love them so? MUSSELS IN LOVE (original title L’AMOUR DES MOULES) is a feature-length documentary that reveals the life of the Zeeland mussel in an intimate, humorous way, with playful music and fascinating close-ups that turn the shell-fish into abstract art. We get to observe its complete life cycle: the mussel that loves, the mussel that holds on with all its might, and the mussel that is cast off by the storm. On its odyssey from seabed to restaurant plate, the mussel encounters passionate enthusiasts who – like itself – fall in love, struggle and overcome. Biologist Annelies introduces us to the sex life of mussels. Then she becomes pregnant – by one of her mussels students! Top chef Sergio Herman, after a love-hate relationship with the shellfish, now specialises in preparing it. Gynaecologist Jan uses the glue of mussels to save the lives of unborn babies. And then there’s the local Zeeland phenomenon of the mussel princess.

Director: Willemiek Kluijfhout

Runtime: 1 hour 23 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Ground Operations: Battlefields to Farmfields

Sat, 2/28 — 1 pm

2677Our warriors are coming home from battle. They face a daunting transition back to civilian life, marked by unemployment, prescription drug addiction and astronomical suicide rates. They need a new mission. Simultaneously, we are losing half of American farmers to retirement and the USDA is calling for one million new farmers to fill the gap. Agriculture’s problem is the veterans’ solution. “Ground Operations: Battlefields to Farmfields” champions combat vets who are rebuilding their own lives as organic farmers & ranchers and revitalizing their communities with access to local, affordable, fresh, healthy food.

Director: Dulanie M. Ellis

Runtime: 41 minutes

Genre: Documentary


The Last Season

Sat, 2/28 — 2:30 pm

2681Amid the bustling world of Central Oregon’s wild mushroom hunting camps, the lives of two former soldiers intersect. Roger, a 75 year-old sniper with the US Special Forces in Vietnam, and Kouy, a 46 year-old platoon leader of Cambodia’s Khmer Freedom Fighters who battled the Khmer Rouge, come together each fall to hunt the elusive matsutake mushroom, a rare mushroom prized in Japanese culture and cuisine. However, the pair discover more than just mushrooms in the woods: they find a new life, and livelihood; and, a means to slowly heal the scarring wounds of war. Told over the course of one matsutake mushroom season, THE LAST SEASON is a journey into the woods, into the memory of war and survival, telling a story of family from an unexpected place.

Director: Sara Dosa

Runtime: 1 hour 28 minutes

Genre: Documentary


Food for Change

Sun, 3/1 — 1:30 pm

2684Food For Change is a feature-length documentary film focusing on food co-ops as a force for dynamic social and economic change in American culture. The movie tells the story of the cooperative movement in the U.S. through interviews, rare archival footage, and commentary by the filmmaker and social historians. This is the first film to examine the important historical role played by food co-ops, their pioneering quest for organic foods, and their current efforts to create regional food systems. Additionally, the film shows how the co-op movement strengthens communities where they are located, enhancing local economies and food security. The goal is to educate a wide national audience about the principles of cooperation with a focus on food.

Director: Steve Alves

Runtime: 1 hour 24 minutes

Genre: Documentary


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