TLC #39: Berkshire Four Freedoms Rally—Full Audio

Estimates by the Berkshires Four Freedoms Coalition, and reported by the Greylock Independent reveal that nearly 2,000 Berkshire residents assembled in downtown Pittsfield, Mass., to demonstrate community strength and spirit and commitment to the ideals encapsulated in President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms” speech delivered January 6, 1941. This episode is supplemental to our release of Top Left Corner, #38 […]

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Top Left Corner: Tree Logic at MASS MoCA Site of Tree-mancipation

NORTH ADAMS, Mass.—For six Flame Maples, prisoners of “Tree Logic,” the fight for liberty has finally shattered the shackles that have root-bound them for years. Sort of. In an apparent victory for activist organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Trees (PETT), the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) has decided to release the latest group of trees that […]

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Top Left Corner #36: A Conversation with Mass. State Senate Candidate Christine M. Canning

About Christine Canning (excerpted from submitted materials) Christine Canning was born and raised in Berkshire County. Her mother, Kathy, was a Latin teacher for over 30 years at Saint Joseph’s. Her father, John “JAY”, was the award winning principal of Monument Mountain in Great Barrington. Currently, Chris resides in Lanesborough, MA with her children Katherine and Alex. Her husband, Doug, […]

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Top Left Corner #34: The Prejudice We Deny, the Racism that Kills

Part 2 of our series, “The Shattered Shield” examines the way institutionalized racism subtly, sometimes subconsciously, guides official action leading to dire consequences. Today is Sunday, September 11, 2016. I’m your host, Jason Velazquez, and I do thank you for tuning in to Episode 35 of the Top Left Corner. This installment of the show features a tragic continuation of […]

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Top Left Corner #33: A Conversation with Mass. State Senate Candidate Andrea Harrington

Andrea Harrington, a native of XYZ, will be on the Democratic primary ballot on September 8 (campaign photo).

About Andrea Harrington (excerpted from submitted materials) For Andrea Harrington, this district is home. She grew up here, she attended Taconic High School in Pittsfield, and now with her husband Tim, she’s raising two young sons as a mom herself. Having spent the past decade of her life in the district, she knows on a personal level that it is […]

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